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Selecting the most appropriate Skateboard and Size

Choosing the Right Skateboard and Size

Unfortunately, many very first time skateboarders choose the wrong size skateboard. 1000s of decoration options await the typical beginner. With countless options, it may be confusing. However with proper education, skaters can buy boards that suit their skating style along with the size. Seattle WA Skateboarding Lessons

Skateboard sizes are measured by their width. A 7.5� skateboard may run between 28�-32� long. But not in board, the space is evenly important. A longer board may well be more challenging to maneuver and perform some tricks on. The exact length required is determined by the style of skating and sized the skateboarder.

Skateboards are certainly not like skis or snowboards. A new beginner doesn�t enter a skate shop to become measured and sized. The sizing structure also depends on preference. Many skaters of similar styles and sizes will argue for various sizes.

 The most common skateboard for street skating has become the �popsicle shape� since the 1990�s. This is a symmetrical board with all the nose of the board appearing like the tail. Prior to the 1990�s, street skateboards were non-symmetrical and also the tail with the board was more pronounced.

Skateboard shapes have changed since the types of tricks changed. The interest in nollie and switch tricks has exploded since introduction of the �popsicle� board.

Here are a couple recommendations based from ages and fashoins:

<b>Height Style Width Size Length</B>
<5� Street 6.5�-7.4� 26�-30�
<5� Cruising 6.75�-7.65� 27�-31�
5�-5�5� Street 7.4�-7.75� 28�-31.75�
5�-5�5� Cruising 7.5�-8.10� 29�-32.75�
5�5�+ Street 7.5�-8.15� 30�-32.75�
5�5�+ Cruising 7.75�-9.5� 31�-33.5�

The above recommendations are for traditional street boards. Longboards provide better experience for those looking to cruise down hills. Longboards typically run 8.75-10� wide and 35�-50� long.

<b>Video Explanation:</b>

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


This short article was written by <a href="" target="new">Go Skate</a>. A skateboard school that teaches basic skateboarding and longboarding. Seattle WA Skateboarding Lessons

Post by seattle54wa (2016-07-26 11:51)

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